Top 5 K-Pop Girls

Hi, finally got some time to start of this blog, if anyone is reading anyways.

If any of you like k-pop, this is my list of the top 5 girls in k-pop i think is the best.

The categories in which i rate them are: appearance(i would not say “eew she had surgery”) talent, stage presence, personality.

Note: this is my opinion, its cool if you dont like the same stars as me.

5. Miss A’s Bae Suzy~i can’t breath!!! &  Sistar’s Yoon Bora~o my boy, o my boy, babeh!

Yep number 5 is a tie between these 2 ROVERY RADIES!! okay suzy first: I’ve known miss a for awhile, but never noticed her for some reason, not until dream high and invincible youth 2, she’ a really cute looking girl, maybe because i prefer cute girls… But i liked her in dream high, and shes quite charming in invincible youth!

Bora: Famous for that fall! First saw her when she came in as a substitute in invincible youth season 1, and now a regular in season 2. I find her to be more to the pretty, sexy side. I like the song ma boy, a catchy song that doesnt have a heavy beat, nice for a change.

4. T-ara’s Park Ji Yeon~Let me see ya’ LaLaLaLa! Shubidubi ShaLaLaLa!

Ji Yeon is the youngest of T-ara, when on stage she looks sexy with a little bit of cute, when off stage shes super cute. I think she looked the best in yayaya and rolypoly in copacabana. She is the face of t-ara, she was the main actor on a couple of their mv’s including the new one cry cry, and she is going to be in dream high 2. I really like her, but theres something about her eyes that i can’t put my finger on, it seems very close together, but to me that doesn’t make her less attractive.

3. IU~Marshmallow! Marshmallow!! Dalkomhaeso Nomu Jowa!!

IU is the true embodiment of cuteness, she is just so cute!!!!!! shes like a cute little sister that everyone wants to have! but her appearance is not her only asset, she is an amazing talent, her husky?(i dont know the word) voice can melt peoples heart, if you watch her pre debut videos where she sings k-pop songs while playing the guitar, you can see that she is blessed with talent, she not only performed it well, but she made sound like her own. Her acting in Dream High aint bad either, she had to wear a fat suit for a few episodes, as Kim Pil Suk. Even when she talks her voice is husky…. i love it!! By far one of the best live performer.


AAh Goo Hara~~ >_< what can i say about this angelic looking girl, she looks so pure, has that girl next door feel. She was the most charming for me on invincible youth, hara and kim shinyoung (if any of you watched the show) was so funny, never thought i would be laughing alot before i started watching that show. And who doesnt like the butt dance in mister?! Hara really stole my attention in IY, she was charming, cute and funny. She looks really small though, almost fragile looking……. and so she deserves to be the runner up on my list! + shes a pro at the butt dance!

1. 4minute’s Kim Hyuna~Beautiful, Sexy, Hot, Pretty!

And to the TOP rady on da rist. Is none other than Kim Hyuna, ive been a fan of hyuna since she was still in wondergirls, she has a great stage presence too in my opinion, and she is a beast of a dancer. I was excited when she debuted with 4minute, she was my favorite also in invincible youth season 1, because she acts so innocent and cute there. She is the face of 4minute, she gets the most camera time, the most attention as well, with 2 solos already and a collaboration with b2st’s hyunseung in troublemaker, i have to say that cube is really milking it, i wouldn’t mind seeing jiyoon or gayoon getting more time. Im dissapointed that her image on mv’s and performances is that she is slutty. Its Hard to argue when you only see her performances, especially in bubble bubble pop pop!! and trouble maker, of course nobody can judge her real personality other than those close to her, although i watched 4minute mr.teacher and she acts like a normal girl, not slutty at all more cutesy. But for me she is cute and sexy in the same time, she is a natural beauty for me. If you see her, she doesnt look perfect (nobody does…) she may look less pretty than other idols, but that what makes her special to me, her naturalness….??

Because most of you who doesnt follow hyuna alot would probably only see her sexy side in her songs, i’ll post pictures of cute, more natural hyuna.

So that is the top 5(6) of my fav k-pop girls, there are many other beautiful ladies that i did not list, like snsd’s jessica, f(x)’s victoria, etc.

Please feel free to comment on what you think!

Cheers mate!


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